Nermin Dedukić

Bachelor of Science in Management and IT


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Twenty-seven-year-old Nermin Dedukic holds a bachelor’s degree in Management and Information Technologies. Welcome to his website. You can read more here about Nermin, and his professional career. He has lived in Schaan since fall 2020 after he married Amina in October 2020. His wife Amina has lived in Liechtenstein since her birth.

Nermin has grown up in Sarajevo, the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina where he received education in the English language. Then, he gained his first work experience in Maglaj and Zavidovici which are also cities in Bosnia and Herzegovina. He is currently focused on learning the German language. He speaks English, while Bosnian is his mother tongue. Nermin has also learned the Arabic and Turkish languages.

You can read below more about his education, skills, tools which he has used, work experience, certificates and awards which has achieved in the previous period.


Talent comes naturally, Skill is developed.

Strategic planning

Data analysis

Digital Marketing

Graphic design






Efficiency and top-notch organization


You’re only as good as the tools you use.

Affinity Photo

Affinity Designer

Affinity Publisher


Google Analytics


Microsoft Office

Wondershare Filmora X



Work Experience

March 2020 – June 2021

Museum Alija Izetbegovic

Social Media Manager – Part-time

Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Part-time engagement in the maintenance of social media channels of the Museum Alija Izetbegovic in Sarajevo. Namely, he works on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube channels, and the website ( Museum Alija Izetbegovic is one of the most visited museums in Sarajevo, which thematizes the new history of Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is primarily focused on the first president of independent and democratic Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Nermin’s responsibilities included:

  • Writing articles, creating visuals, photos, and videos; and publishing them on social media channels.
  • Writing articles, creating visuals, photos, and other content; and publishing them on the WordPress web page
  • Planning and budgeting for advertising of certain posts
  • Monitoring key performance indicators
  • Creating reports and data analysis
  • Graphic design of a regular museum newsletter
  • Graphic design of a visual per request
  • Graphic design of panels for museum exhibits.

Results are facts. In less than a year, the number of followers on the Museum Alija Izetbegovic Facebook page has reached more than 8.000 people, whereas on Instagram that number is over 3.500. Due to the results on social media, there has been an increase in the number of people visiting the museum, the number of souvenirs sold, and the number of books sold.

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April 2018 – September 2020


Strategic Planning Specialist – Full-time

Zavidovici, Bosnia and Herzegovina

In the period April 2018 – September 2020, Nermin has worked as an intern, and then later as a strategic planning and development specialist in the biggest company in the wood industry when it comes to Zenica-Doboj canton. The company has an annual revenue of around 25.000.000 BAM, whereas the company employs around 800 people. He has contributed to the development of this successful company through an innovative and creative approach to tasks. Worked on the processes that resulted in FSC certifying the company

Nermin’s responsibilities included:

  • Participated in creating reports and plans of wood assortment production
  • Creating reports regarding the wood assortment market
  • Analysis of the market of wood assortments
  • Updating, gathering, and processing the data within the ERP system, Imel
  • Sales and account management
  • Participated in creating sales contracts
  • Creation of warrants for wood assortment delivery
  • Salary, contribution, and tax calculations
  • Archiving documents, and other administrative work

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January 2014 – June 2021

Co-Founder of

Maglaj, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Nermin was one of the co-founders of the local news portal in January 2014. has recorded more than 3.570.500 sessions from Europe, the USA, Asia, Australia, and Africa. It has more than 18.500 followers on Facebook, around 2.000 followers on Instagram, and more than 500 people are following it on Twitter.

While working for, Nermin’s responsibilities have included:

  • Writing and publishing articles on the website (MODx CMS)
  • Daily communication with institutions and people from different aspects of social life
  • Maintenance of social media channels (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter)
  • Selling of advertisement space
  • Event reporting (sports, cultural, political, religious, entertainment)
  • Photography (more than 15.000 published photos)
  • Infographics and other visual creation
  • Data analysis using Google Analytics
  • Tracking and analyzing key performance indicators
  • SEO has become a reliable and confidential source of information, and one of the most visited websites in central Bosnia and Herzegovina recently.

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July 2016 – August 2016

Natron-Hayat Ltd.


Maglaj, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Since he studied at the first entrepreneurial university in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Nermin was obliged to do a two-month internship and pass an exam from this course. He finished the two-month internship in Natron-Hayat Ltd. Maglaj which is part of the Turkish Hayat Holding that has long-term experience in the production of cellulose, paper, and paper products. Natron-Hayat Ltd. has been among the top exporters from Bosnia and Herzegovina, and one of the biggest employers in Zenica-Doboj canton.

During my internship, I have worked in the following sectors of the company:

  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Accounting
  • Procurement


A school for life.

International BURCH University

Bachelor of Science in Management and IT

Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Nermin earned a bachelor’s degree in Management and Information Technologies from International Burch University, Sarajevo. He studied in the English language at the Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences, Department of Management and Information Technologies. He has completed his studies in 2017 with 180 ECTS.

More info on:

In the appendix of his diploma, it is stated: ‘The granted diploma provides the holder with the degree of Bachelor of Science in Management and Information technologies and allows him/her to be involved in activities related to accounting, economics, finance, international business, marketing, management, and quantitative business analysis.'

ENIC/NARIC, which is part of the Austrian Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Research, has given assessment of Nermin's higher education qualifications, in which it has been written: Entsprechung in Österreich: Bachelorstudium aus Wirtschafts - und Sozialwissenschaften – Schwerpunkt Management → Unterrichtssprache Englisch; Berufliche Anerkennung: Nicht reglementierte Berufe; Berufszugang und - ausübung im Berufsbereich Management, Organisation (z.B. Manager); möglich weitergehende Informationen:


High School

Gazi Husrev-beg Madrasa

Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Nermin has attended Gazi Husrev-beg Madrasa from 2009 to 2013. The high school lasted for four years. After you finish this religious gymnasium in Sarajevo, you can decide in which direction you want to continue with your education (Medicine, Economics, Theology, Political Sciences, etc.). Besides the theological courses, the school also provides the following ones: Math, Physics, Biology, Chemistry, English Language, Arabic Language, History, Geography, Bosnian Language, Pedagogy, Logics, Philosophy, etc.

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Seminars and Certificates

Hard work pays off.

Nermin has considered non-formal education important since high school. He thinks that lifelong learning is an important step to better and more successful performance not only at work but also in other activities. Therefore, Nermin has attended numerous workshops, debates, professional seminars, and similar.

We highlight the following certificates:

  • IBU Prep School of English Language in the academic year of 2013/2014
  • Abschlusszertifikat - Deutsch A1 - Nanas Deutschkurs
  • The Complete Digital Marketing Course - Udemy
  • Google Analytics Certification - Google
  • Photojournalism in the Bosnian media - Center for Personal and Professional Development Sarajevo
  • Participating in debating tournament ''Debating Towards Better Future'' - MAYAA - Montenegrin American Youth Alumni Association
  • Certificate of Participation Seminar ''Provide a Good Reason for Ex YU Countries in the EU'' - Centre of Cultivating Dialogue Sarajevo
  • The Complete Guide to Affinity Designer - Udemy


Happy times.

Nermin has won first place on the ideathon covIDEJA 2020, which was organized by UNDP (United Nations Development Programme) and Bit Alliance in May 2020, with the innovation 'MaskMachine - Turn your recycling into protection'. UNDP and Bit Alliance, with other partners, have organized this ideathon to include society in solving the problems which the COVID-19 pandemic has caused in Bosnia and Herzegovina and worldwide. Nermin has received a lot of attention from the media then., Al Jazeera Balkans, RTV Maglaj, Federalna televizija have reported about Nermin's success, whereas he has been chosen as the person of the day in the Bosnian-Herzegovinian newspapers with the highest circulation.

You can read more information here.


A new beginning

Nermin can contribute with his skills and experience to improve the performance of your company in the segment in which you require him to work. Precision and responsibility are part of his character. Learning and the application of knowledge are his obsession. Nermin strongly believes in meeting you in your company.